A low minimum premium SPDA for clients who want a financial resource to supplement their retirement income down the road — with a fixed annuity that has no annual contract fees.

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10% penalty-free withdrawals beginning contract-year one

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Competitive guaranteed
minimum interest rate

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Bailout Feature*

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Market Value Adjustment (MVA)

15 days to 90 years (applies to both Owner and Annuitant) with a minimum single premium of $2,000

*Part of the Penalty Free Withdrawal Provision is known as the “Bailout Feature”. If after the first contract year, the renewal rate is more than 1% below the initial fixed interest rate, the owner may request, within 30 days of notification, to receive the accumulation value without incurring a surrender charge or MVA. The “Bailout Feature” is only available the first time that a declared fixed interest rate is more than 1% below the contract’s initial fixed interest rate.